If you want your brand's sales to skyrocket overnight, you need international fame. You need to be a household name that the media can’t get enough of. My name is Sheeraz Hasan and I’ve spent the past 20 years as a media consultant for some of the biggest stars and brands of all time. When I work with stars like Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber, Priyanka Chopra, Britney Spears, Logan and Jake Paul, Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus, Zendaya or many other household names, our team brings innovative ideas guaranteed to make a story trend globally. It’s why fortune 100 companies such as Gillette, AB In Bev, Pantene, Johnson & Johnson, and even the World Cup, trust me as their media consultant when they need to disrupt their entire industry. At SheerazInc we provide a long list of world class media services and a team of consultants who will manage and create all of your campaigns. For over 15 years I’ve been interviewed on almost every major network’s prime time news show for my perspective on pop culture, marketing and my involvement in making stars famous. Most recently you may have seen me in ABC 2020’s most watched documentary “Sellebrity” (2020), or BBC’s flagship documentary “Celebrity: A 21st Century Story” (2020) or Paris Hilton’s viral sensation documentary “This is Paris” (2020), where I was heavily featured talking about how our strategies helped make Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears into household names. That’s what we are here to do for you.


Here’s what we do to guarantee an exponential increase in your sales:

Visits + Zoom Calls

The key to all of this working is clear, consistent and direct communication. Our team of writers, designers, media consultants, and producers will always be available to work with your company.

Discovery and Brand Guide.

Our team spends a month educating ourselves about your brand, your goals, your strengths and weaknesses. Then we create a roadmap of what needs to happen to your media presence to exceed our targets by the date we establish. Additionally, our team will create and provide you with an extensive updated brand guide containing all of the specific marketing guidelines we need to follow going forward.

Media coverage every single week in top publications.

We provide the copy and any necessary media to the publications. We completely control the narrative of your brand online. This engine fuels all of our campaigns and how much customers will ultimately trust your brand. Let’s keep you relevant and at the top of your industry at all times.

Social media verification assistance.

Getting a blue check on social media is a very difficult task but crucial to you being taken seriously by your customers and competitors. Our media network can publish news about your brand consistently in high profile publications and even create your Google panel. These elements are essential to your application for verification being approved.

Exclusive representation in your industry.

Your competitors are now our competitors.

Access to A-list stars for news breaking opportunities.

Due to our highly in demand media services from some of the world’s biggest stars, we can position your brand to be involved with the most talked about stories on the planet. We can arrange the meetings, draft the pitch, help close the deal and ensure a successful collaboration.


Our network of paparazzi in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Las Vegas and London are guaranteed to keep your Google profile updated with stunning photos of you at celebrity hotspots in those cities. Each photo can also be tied to a story we publish highlighting your night out on the town and making you look like a rockstar.


We have access to towering billboards in very high end locations in Los Angeles and New York. We can put your brand on a 100 ft billboard in the heart of the Sunset Strip, steps away from the SoHo House, with powerful messaging and stunning artwork that we design. Your name and face proudly next to Disney, HBO, Apple, Netflix and Hulu billboards. It let’s the world know you are at their level.

TV Air Time

Your brand will have access to local and national news outlets if needed as well as air time to cover whatever messaging or content we desire on networks like FOX, ABC, NBC and CBS.

Web & Social Media Design

Your website and social media profiles need to look official and powerfully display the approved branding we’ve set. Our team of experts will give your brand a complete makeover and ensure customers are hooked to your page the moment they see it.

Social Media Management

You will need to consistently post high quality, engaging and wildly creative content on multiple social media accounts every single day. Our team creates your social media calendar, produces content ahead of time to help your team, writes all the copy, and even creates all the campaigns. If you have an existing social media or marketing team, we will work in concert with your established infrastructure and to achieve our goals.

Magazine Covers

If required we can arrange your cover shoot for a high profile fashion or beauty magazine, and even write the feature story for you. You will have access to our photographers, our designers, our hair and make up team, our studios in Los Angeles and New York, our editors, and our producers.


Is your brand declining in sales? Do your marketing efforts seem to be in vain? Does it feel like you can’t even compete with the bigger players in your industry at times? We can help. Our clients in the past who have requested this service have been astounded at the transformation we are able to achieve in just 24 hours. In this package the our Sheeraz Inc team of PR experts, writers, producers, graphic designers, and content creators will visit your headquarters. We will request extensive information ahead of time to make our time as efficient as possible. We all meet in the morning and spend the day addressing the following concerns:

  • Your immediate media issue.

  • Do you understand your customer well enough?

  • Does your brand guide need to be updated?

  • How can we adjust your media strategy, without increasing your budget, to show immediate improvement in your engagement and online profile?

  • What are your goals over the next 3 years and how do we get there?

  • What do you need to do to be eligible for social media verification and collaborations with A-list stars and influencers?

  • What opportunities are out there for your brand to break news? We will pitch you 3-5 stories that can elevate your brand overnight. We do have additional resources if you need help with publication.

  • Is your team following a correct social media calendar?

  • If your brand follows through on our guidelines, then our team will send a pre-approved pitch of your product to any one of our A-list stars or brands in our network.


Sometimes your brand is doing just fine but you've just hit a speed bump. That’s okay, come chat with me. Send our team some preliminary information ahead of time and then you and I will spend one hour breaking down what your immediate struggle is and what you need to do regarding your media presence to fix that. This is a completely private conversation where you get my unfiltered and direct feedback as well as a chance to pitch to me why your brand should be a part of our world famous network. Here is what we will cover in this zoom call:

  • Is your overall marketing strategy misguided? Do you need a stronger pitch?

  • Your branding strengths and weaknesses.

  • What stories will elevate your brand immediately?

  • What does your 1 year roadmap look like to achieve your goals?

  • How can our media network be of service?

  • What do you need to do for social media verification?