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What do Kim Kardashian, Logan Paul, and Zendaya have in common? Just ask Sheeraz Hasan. He’s the self-made media mogul who turned them all into the world’s most famous celebrities. In other words, he’s the man who can make just about anyone famous.


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Sheeraz Hasan has been recognized for his contributions to the UAE’s entertainment industry. Sheeraz has helped build the careers of a long list of stars including Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Zendaya, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Priyanka Chopra, Jake & Logan Paul, and Lindsay Lohan. He has also brought each one of them to Dubai for events that have created history and never fail to dominate the media. Like when Hasan shut down the Dubai Mall with mega influencer Logan Paul for the largest meet and greet of all time, only to return with an even bigger crowd for a historic Kim Kardashian appearance that was covered by every major outlet in the world. 


Sheeraz Hasan was awarded the prestigious United Arab Emirates (UAE) Golden Visa. After managing the campaigns for Hollywood A-listers, Fortune 500 companies and international influencers from around the globe, generating over $3 billion in earned media, Sheeraz is set to focus on the cosmopolitan city of Dubai and Saudi Arabia. 


He was also recognized for promoting trade, investments, joint ventures and achieving strategic economic objectives for Los Angeles and beyond by the City of Los Angeles Mayor and the US Congress at the 17th Annual Investment and venture funding seminar and awards ceremony USABF in Los Angeles. 

“By the blessing of God [...] I will educate the biggest stars in Hollywood, the biggest influencers in the world about the beauty of the United Arab Emirates.”


Today his company ‘FAME by Sheeraz’ provides media consultation and a slew of premier media services including securing high profile magazine covers, press targeted to achieve social media verification, massive billboards in Hollywood, live event productions, and even an army of paparazzi.

As the UAE continues to invest in its entertainment infrastructure and attract high net worth individuals and investors, the Golden Visa program is likely to remain an important tool for promoting the country’s economic growth and development. And as individuals like Sheeraz Hasan continue to make a positive impact on the country, they will undoubtedly continue to be recognized and rewarded for their contributions.

"Dubai is the New Hollywood"

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In addition to these superstars Sheeraz has also been a media consultant for Johnson & Johnson, P&G, AB In Bev, Gillette and the governmental agencies of several countries in the Middle East when they need to execute campaigns with A-list talent. 


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